Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beach Litter Collection.

Elwood Beach Plastic
I told myself I wouldn't shoot any more colour collages. But after a trip to Elwood beach on Tuesday, the sign was speaking to me! As I collected more beach plastic, the folks looking out from the fancy restaurant on the foreshore were probably thinking to themselves, " that girls a bit weird, but bless her for cleaning up our messy view".
So as I went on my merry way, I skirted around a huge dead rat , numerous broken bottles , rusty old cans, then finally brought my fossicking to a halt when I spotted a sharp and shiny syringe, pointing up at me from the waters edge.
Elwood is a very desirable place to live, but the beach can be pretty dumpy.
And in future when I have Nori rolls for lunch, I am going to refuse the fish soy sauces.
I must have seen over 50 washed up on the sand. As ubiquitous as the red coke bottle lid!
And thanks to "Happy Cavalier"for posting about my Colour Collages. I will be selling them as prints very soon...I promise!


  1. Whilst I love the collage you have created it is a shame that it all came from beach rubbish - we are a messy lot are'nt we?

  2. Prints are a great idea. PS.. I resisted looking at your cuckoo blog post. I slowly scrolled down until I came to the title haha.


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