Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swallow Tail

After Design Files posted a pic of my Swallow Brooch, I thought I should make another.
Swallow BroochSwallow Pendant
Actually, I thought a pendant would better suit the moment. It goes nicely with my new purchase,
"Reveal Yourself", the box set retrospective from the "Blackeyed Susans".

The lovely Swallow cover art by Madeleine Stamer has been adapted into brooches and necklaces as well. How gorgeous.
I was lucky enough to see them play last Sunday at the Northcote Social Club. It was a nostalgic show for me as I've followed these guys from the beginning and even had the band play as a three piece at our Wedding in the early 90's.

The "Wedding" band,

and me enjoying them( as well as us failing miserably at the waltz! )

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  1. I've always loved swallows, they way they swoop & their pretty shape. Your pendant is lovely too, the colours are beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the night out and I love your happy photo. Who can waltz anyway? xo


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