Friday, November 27, 2009

Eye Poppin' colour

I'm up to my eyeballs with orders......which is good. Crazy , but good.I have just rediscovered my colourful floral vintage dress, which I have now dubbed the "Curly Pops" dress. And my kitchen curtains are pretty much "Curly Pops" curtains too.
Have a great weekend and Good luck all you marketing folks.
As my friend Tracy from"Fat Mummas" reports, "For the record I just want to say, that 'lucrative' is a word with subjective levels of interpretation and in market terms, 'lucrative' may not be what normal people consider! Lets just say, I classify minimum wage as 'lucrative'! "
The rewards in the life of Creative Women can not always be measured in monetary terms.
Thankfully there are many different rewards that make the hard slog worth it!


  1. If I ever come over for a visit, you'd better lock that dress away so I don't accidentally pinch it (and it might be wise to hide the kitchen curtains just in case I chop them up and turn them into handbags)!
    I love that take on lucrative - I feel exactly the same way.... being crafty brings lots of different type of rewards.

  2. Hey Curly Pops,
    I have just found a spare bit of the curtain fabric. Smells a bit like grandma's bottom drawer, but it's yours. Dress is NFC (not for Curls):o)

  3. is that you in that curlypops dress!? Oh my goodness you are too cute!!!


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