Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hoot Power!

I did a wee interview the other week, and there was one question about Owls.
I'm still waiting for them to fall totally out of fashion, but in Betty Jo land there is no indication this is happening any time soon.My first figurative Betty Jo brooch was an owl, and since then my fondness for them has grown. I must have made thousands of owls since that first rudimentary fellow, and to this day they are still the most popular item in my range. I use big round buttons for their expressive eyes. Buttons are the perfect design component for my owls. When I fossick through my button tins the owls almost create themselves!
I admit I have a lot of Owl bric-a-brac at home, but it’s all for inspiration!
Just the other week a lonely Owl tea cosy was calling to me from the op shop.He has joined my lovely crocheted collection.My Owlie Tea Cosies
And seriously, tell me you couldn't leave these two cute wind up owls sitting behind in the same oppie. They waddle!If your looking to be a bit creative in the Kitchen , try these......Night Owl Cookies


  1. Its funny- every time I see an owl of any sort I think of you Liz!

  2. Every time I see vintage ric rac I think of you!

  3. Wow! owl cookies - what a great combo - will definitely try those! Love the crochet ones too...


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