Monday, November 9, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Yellow Necklace

A lovely customer ordered a yellow and cream necklace to go with her yellow vintage style shoes with cream trim. I'm picturing the shoes going perfectly with this bag.Coincidentally, just before I took the picture to send her, I read this sweet story by "Strawberry Lemonade" about this particular yellow Orla Kiely bag, and the serious dilemma she faced in having to choose between the yellow and the red version.
I know which Colour I would have chosen.........P.S. Do check out the dreamy Orla Kiely website!


  1. I'm loving that necklace! And the bag - Hmm. I'd probably pick the red, but the yellow would be a close second!

  2. But I also love the coloured buttons on the beige one...can't decide anymore.

  3. Hi Betty Jo!! Wellll, the beige was my top pick too because of those darn awesome buttons!!! And I think the yellow would have been a contender if the buttons had been a little more special.

    What a great blog you have!


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