Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Owl Dress from Heaven

I was alerted to this dress on etsy by my vintage lovin' daughter. At first I couldn't believe it was true 50's as the print is so contemporary, but if you look (I mean drool ) at the other fabo dresses in this shop you'll be convinced this is the real McCoy. It would have been my size pre kidlets , so no need to bother encouraging me to go for it. I'm a online clothes buying chicken anyway.


  1. It's gorgeous and if I can squeeze an arm into it (maybe) it's mine !

  2. I think I'm in love.... and I daren't look at the shop because there's a good chance I'd click "add to cart".

  3. oh my! that IS wonderful!!!
    Wish my life provided scenario's in which I could wear a sweet little owlet dress!

  4. I wouldn't wait for a suitable scenario. I would even wear it out to buy the bread and milk.

  5. Gosh It's just beautiful! The print is amazing!!
    I'm so wishing for fifties dresses more than ever lately, but alas my fat pregnant belly does not!


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