Monday, November 16, 2009

Who's a pretty Boy?

This little fellow is a pet cockatiel. Specially made for a customer who visited the Eco Innovators showcase.
I had some cute pictures sent to me for reference.

I wonder if I could start a sideline business.....Lino Pets?
Last year I made a scottie called"Hamish" which was present especially for Sharon's (Handmaiden) Mum.


  1. Now that is so cute! At least lino pets don't make a mess everywhere, and they don't shed on your lovely handmade pure wool crochet couch blankie, or wake you up in the middle of the night to go outside, and then scratch on your window to come back in, and then repeat this beahvious all night.
    Can you tell my cat is being really really irritating at the moment?

  2. I have a cockatiel and so fell completely in love with your little crafty one! He's very cute (and much quieter than my chatty boy).

  3. Love the harmony of those muted tones.. as green + yellow side by side is often challenging..!

  4. I found your blog by seaching for the ''crying boy'' pictures, and then I also found this on the ''you might also like'' below : D And it makes me so happy, cause I am a BIG cockatiel-lover. The cockatiel is very very nice made, and very cute : D you are very good!!!!!


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