Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yay & Sheesh!

Back here I wrote a little post on some good and not so good things happening in Betty Jo land. Then subsequently I noticed there is a regular "What's Hot and What's Not" thing happening over at Loobylu. This is my version:
Yay !
- Having fun making more Colour Collage greeting cards.-There is a Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs show coming up at Festival Hall in Dec. Very good news if the girls in the house can score some tickets. But if we miss out -see Sheesh! EDIT-We got tickets!!!!
-The summery weather is gearing us up for "The Heat", so we've got all our whinging out of the way early. See sheesh also.
- My vintage summer dresses have been getting a good airing!
- Glad to have a family membership at the local pool where we have been everyday this week (with most of the population of Northcote, Thornbury and Preston- another sheesh.)
- Contemplating BIG changes for Betty Jo which will hopefully include participating in theFinders Keepers Market next year (see sheesh about this year's market ) as well as local markets aplenty.
- The Heat!
- The Stress of buying concert tickets online. ( I don't like roulette , but it's kinda the same)
- Crowded pools with warm water ( this could be from the sun, but also something else?!?)
- Unfortunately having to turn down a market stall at Finders Keepers this year due to family commitments. Big disappointment.
- Shops leaving their Christmas orders till the last minute.


  1. Just got the cards yesterday and I LOVE them!

    So that's another YAY!!

  2. Hi, nice post! You are lucky to have a lots of markets. I know just what you mean about buying tickets online - complete lottery! x

  3. How fab to be seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! I just down loaded some Karen O and the Kids music - LOVE All is Love - have you heard it. We can't help but dance around to it... and shout along a bit too. xx

  4. congrats on your cards. They're beautiful! What a great way to use your collages.


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