Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Wild!

I've just got back from a school excursion (approx.150 preps ,Grade 1's and 2's) to see "Where the Wild Things Are".
WOW, so surreal and brooding, but wonderful all the same.
Maybe flew a little over the head of my six year old, with it's intense plot and nuanced characters, but Oh the monsters.....I LOVED you SO!
Max is adorable and believable as a wild little boy. I should know................
I have one of my own !


  1. Can't wait to see this, just don't know if my almost 8 year old will 'get it' either.
    Think I'll go with a friend instead and check it out first.
    You do have a real Max there ;)

  2. Oh, I saw it today too with hubby and our 5½ year old. It was visually sumptious wasn't it, but quite intense I thought. (i cried more than once) I thought it was so great how the messages in it came across so clearly. Small one liked it but I agree a lot of it went sailing past but afterwards, walking down the street he is tearing around and i noticed he had the same black shoes as Max had on. Hubby commented we too had our own Max!

  3. ohh, sounds great, have been thinking about going with Amelie.
    I love your little Max bouncing around!

  4. We decided our 5yr olds were too young But I am taking some grade 3/4's on Thursday and can't wait!

  5. Yes, I forgot to add. There will most likely be tears. Mine were just small wipe away ones, but the little girl next to me was really weeping .
    I reckon eight year olds will "Get the drift",but any younger and the Woody Allenesque neurosis of the monsters will be too confusing.

  6. we went yesterday...yep, concentration of a 3.5 yr old has a long way to go before she can sit still. worth a try & I loved it..and shed a tear too.


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