Sunday, December 13, 2009

Market Fun!

Tray O' brooches
It was fun and jolly at the Made n' Thornbury market yesterday. And so lovely to spend the day with CurlyPops, Map29 and TinnieGirl. There was gourmet sustenance from Cathie, friendly stallholders, visits from wonderful friends and gifts and swaps aplenty. I scored a great CurlyPops shopping tote, some lovely Map29 soaps and a sweet "Messages from the Universe" affirmation pack by Tinniegirl.Ms.Becasaurus presented me with my funky finished bag. She did a wonderful job mixing my thrifted "Three Little Kittens" tapestry with this pretty vintage fabric. Bella has given it her tick of approval!
It is my new favorite bag, but I will have to hang on to it tightly if I'm around Tinniegirl!


  1. It was such a lovely day out. I'm still recovering from all the excitement thismorning!

  2. so nice to see you & meet your gorgeous little man.
    looks like you had the best shopping day ever!!

  3. Up early-Read my affirmation,showered with nice smelly soap,got supplies in my tote and carried my necessities in my kittens bag. All good, but need another coffee (and more of that lemon tart)

  4. Lovely to see you again and my mum loves her new bird brooch. Lou.

  5. I saw your beautiful creations at Thornbury market! Fell absolutely in love with the necklaces. I must come back and pick one up next time!

  6. It was a fabulous day out. I think jolly is just the right word to describe it. And yes, you should keep a close eye and a strong grip on that gorgeous kitty tote.


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