Saturday, January 16, 2010

Apricot stuff.

Apricot stuff
One way to come up with ideas is to just make breakfast. While having some stone fruit I was admiring the colour of the peachy, apricoty tones, then "Bobs your Uncle" a new colour idea came to me.
Coincidentally Ms. Posie suggested I try the colour Salmon. Kind of in the same ball park!
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  1. Aw shucks, it was that orangey salmon, not the 80's faded one i meant too!! LOVING stone fruit right now, don't even mind the 4 pairs of sticky hands after a peach/ nectarine/ plum frenzy at the counter. Loving the apricot colours, just not such a big fan of the fruit. Love Posie

  2. That breaky also consisted of a smoked salmon omelette.....the very orangey salmon you were talking about. Coincidence or what!!!!


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