Friday, January 15, 2010

Colours of the Year!

If you want to give your eyes a visual treat have a look at the amazing 365 days in Colour set by Cassia.
"A project where I take one digital photograph a day for 365 days. Each month will have a colour theme. The aim is to see my world in a different way. I'm really excited to see the groups of coloured thumbnails as they grow! It will also be nice to look back in a year, a bit like reading an old diary."
And I agree, it's a beautiful collection.
I'm a big fan of Cassia's work and have two of her prints that we arranged as a swap last year.
I spotted my Turquoise Stuff over at the lovely Constant Cravings blog the other day. Cosying up with Cassia's beautiful dress and door images. I'm itchin to do more colour collages........If I could think of any more colours .
Ooo, just thought of one.....see you soon!


  1. Love a good dose of colour. What about that nice strong salmon that is around at the moment, it's so nice & summery & works with all tones. I'm a sucker for blues, muted to bright, so the turquoise is a favourite!! Love Posie

  2. Gorgeous idea ... the year in colour. And that turquoise is stunning. So fresh and summery.

  3. I spotted our work on Constant Cravings too!
    I just adore your colour collages, I favourited a few on flickr ages ago!

    Thank you for mentioning me.

    I still wear your bird brooch and am very fond of her :)


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