Saturday, January 23, 2010


1. fox buttons, 2. fox softie, 3. Hello Weekend!, 4. foxes, 5. Fox Cloth Doll, 6. Fox Print, 7. Monty the Fox, 8. Fox Escape, 9. Lox the Fox
From the Crafty Fox flickr group.
If you would like to adopt Lox the Fox cub or one of his siblings they can be purchased from Betty Jo Designs. Pop over to the Corner Shop for details.
Each fox will be slightly different, making him utterly unique.
fox cubs


  1. Oh dear I feel like chanting "I already got one ...naddedy naddedy nah !" but that would be so rude!

  2. you are so in love with this new years fox theme! love your choices

    enjoy the rainy day ♥

  3. Yay for cute foxes!
    (although my outlaws wouldn't agree at all!)

  4. Happy dance!!! I love your blog and your header is AMAZING!!!!! Love your colour to take a look at them!Plus I must follow you my you know I will be back! xo

  5. Gorgeous as usual. Foxes are everywhere! Have some fox fabric to go on buttons very soon :)

  6. Just loving all these foxes, you go girl!! Love Posie


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