Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm very influenced by colour. Obsessed actually. Every thing I do relates back to colour in some way.
Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour and the design industries major source for color inspiration, selected "Mimosa" as the colour for 2009. The wattle belongs to the mimosa family and I love it's vivid yellow pompoms (even though last year my wattle gave me terrible hayfever).

Angela over at Three Buttons, just posted some yellow cuteness, and it inspired me to flick through flickr and find some of my "mimosa" coloured stuff, as well as some favorites from flickr friends.

1. Lucky Ducky, 2. Cockatiel, 3. Yellow stuff, 4. forest pal collection, 5. noticeboard_1, 6. mustard anyone?, 7. Yellow Necklace, 8. Beach Plastic 4, 9. newyellowshoes

Ooo look, there's Angela's Spanish Senorita post card, and Elsie's ( from the cool blog"A Beautiful Mess") forest pal collection. Right now my "Yellow Stuff "Colour collage is featured on A Beautiful Mess. Go and look at her lovely "Style Crush Collections".


  1. Loving yellow too, just posted a big colourful giveaway & a sweet top i made for one of my front toothless twins, in YELLOW. She loves it, says it makes her feel like sunshine. Love Posie

  2. Mimosa is such a good choice by Pantone, so pretty and vibrant. And I love those yellow pom poms too!

    I bought my Spanish Senorita card from Metropolis bookshop, there were three different Senorita's to choose from and it was such a hard decision to choose one. But looking back now I wish I just bought all three!!

    Hope your having a lovely Sunshine day!

  3. I posted about yellow yesterday.
    It's a great colour.

  4. Loving the yellow shoes! Yesterday I was very naughty & bought myself a cute new buttercup yellow cardigan!

  5. I'm such a sheep! I love that color so much, and have been completely obsessed with it this season.

    Which is odd, because I normally can't stand yellow.

  6. it is such a beautiful colour & even though my neighbours wattle is absolutely gorgeous, it leaves our car looking like a baby chick :)


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