Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Pool of Ducks!

Do you like Flying Ducks? Do you have a set at home(maybe your nana's), or have you made or found something crafty with the flying ducks image?
Then Flying Ducks is the flickr pool for you. Take some photos with Flying Ducks featured, join the group and post some pictures. This group is only a newbie, but I know there are a lot of Flying Duck fanciers out there.
And just an aside to you hunters. As well as kitschy wall ducks we also love our wild ducks ALIVE!
1. Flying Ducks, 2. Flying Ducks, 3. Flying South for Winter, 4. forsaken no more..., 5. Home Is Where The Heart Is, 6. Flying North for Summer, 7. FLYING DUCK, 8. Lady of the Orient & Flying Ducks, 9. Flying Duck Brooch


  1. I love the green ducks in the middle. How awesome are those?

  2. It's looking like a Flying duck lovefest now!


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