Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Hand Delights

Sophie over at Her Library Adventures has invited readers to post pictures of their best flea market finds in a weekly meme.
Well the dilemma for me was what to show. I can't post a picture of my whole house contents!
But as I was leaving a message, the word verification was weding, so that gave me the idea to post some pictures of the dress I wore when I got hitched. I found it in a now closed vintage clothing shop in Chapel St. It was a perfect fit, floaty, and sparkly. It was actually the first dress I tried on. I like making up my mind on the spot, and I liked the fact that it had had another life...maybe at a swanky cocktail party in Hollywood, or at a debutant ball in Beverly Hills. I didn't know it at the time but the designer Miss Elliette of California was the Coco Chanel of American fashion couture. Her dresses have been described as "masterpieces of heirloom chiffon".Would you believe I have never worn it since......luckily the moths have pretty much left it alone except for the label. Maybe I'll pop it on one evening and gatecrash the AFI's!
Note the stack of opshoped suitcases and the slightly wonky dressmakers dummy.
We found her on the side of Punt Rd. and for those of you who know Punt Rd, you can imagine how popular I was stopping in peak hour traffic to grab it. She's been a handy prop for necklaces.


  1. What an amazing dress & a great story behind it too. I'm sad to say my own wedding dress was stolen, along with most of my clothes, when our house was broken into a few years ago. Your dressmakers dummy is very elegant too, does it have a name? She is a beautiful colour and so sweet in her wonkiness. Pre-loved is definitely the way to go xo

  2. Yay, thanks so very much for playing along Liz. I just love seeing your beautiful dress and your story is so sweet. Loving your suitcases too! You have so many fabulous pieces.
    Sophie x

  3. Lovely, i can imagine a beautiful wedding day. I went to a wedding where the bride had your colouring & she wore a scarlet dress, STUNNING.
    I bought the first dress i tried on too. I mean, they had to make it etc, but i did a post mid January with my 3 daughters playing around in it. So much fun, also held up well after 12 years. Love Posie

  4. That is such a gorgeous dress (and a completely timeless design). I can't believe you haven't worn it again.... maybe we should have formal attire as the theme at one of the bonanzas so we can all get out our best party frocks!

  5. Beautiful dress; not only it had already some history but you definitely attached a wonderful new story it!!

    Good find for the suitcase!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  6. Wow! Your dress is beautiful. I'm full of envy that you got to wear a red one when you got hitched.

  7. wow Liz! that's absolutely stunning and what a fabulous dress to get married in.
    lovely story behind it, and need I say that I love the suitcases :)

  8. what a find - beautiful shot... the wedding dress, Lily + Blythe.. have enjoyed catching up with what you've been up to..! quite alot i see.


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