Sunday, January 31, 2010

Simply Lilac

It's all about purple at our place this week. Purple, (or should I say lilac) hair!
And no, it's nothing to do with my Anna Laura lady brooch or a new "Simply Lilac"Blythe doll.

Miss Lily has been channeling her Great grandmother Lily and now has a bright purple rinse!So to keep the purpley vibe going here are some pretty puce images from around my place.If you like purple there is a newish flickr group called Puce-ness.
A little while ago I looked up the meaning of the word "Puce", so for a quick refresh...........
"Apparently the word is based on the Old French puce - pulce - meaning 'flea'. It is speculated that it refers to the colour of a squashed flea or the colour of a flea full of blood. Another theory is that the colour name comes from the flea's droppings of digested blood, which spread out in deep red stain when water contacts them. Brownish-purple to dark brown." CHARMING!


  1. Awww my nana used to have that same coloured hair!

  2. Loving the purple, I always have a bit of purple in my life. It's a colour that makes me happy
    Sophie x

  3. Oh yes, the purple hair rinse, what were they thinking they were covering up?? My Grandma would alternate between purple, blue, pink, so much fun to watch.
    I think purple, i think of a history teacher at school who wore purple every day of the week. Liking your purple finds very much, love Posie

  4. My boss speaks fluent French and just about died laughing when I mentioned the color Puce to him.

    I always thought that puce should be a nasty yellowish green, just given the way the word sounds.


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