Saturday, January 9, 2010

Super Chickens

My son loves chickens. Me, not so much. But I like free range eggs, chooky crafts and murals!(you'll find this psycho looking chicken near the old poultry shop in Collingwood)

This chook brooch was inspired by a pattern for a 70's style egg basket cosy.Chicken teapot and sugar bowl
The "Cockerel" teapot was a gift for my 21st from a friend who knew I'd much prefer something old than something shiny and new! It's moved house with me over a dozen times!
I found the matching sugar bowl last year in an oppie sans lid. It's taken many years to finally bring these two long will it be till I find the milk jug?


  1. CHICKENS! I love them. Not the actual animal, but objects shaped like them. Come to think of it, I'm kind of like that with watermelon. I hate actual watermelon, but I love watermelon flavored things. Go figure.

    Sorry. I'm a little tired and loopy. And my toddler is still awake. It's 10pm. (22:00)


  2. I love chooks! And I LOVE this brooch!!!

  3. Liz...
    I have some of these...
    I don't even remember where they are...
    Probably over at the pub in a box...
    My husband bought them from a old couple that were moving house about 15 years ago...and we just keep moving them with us...
    I will ask him tonight when he finished up and see if he remembers where they are...
    I do hope we still have them...
    I remember the teapot for sure and I do think there must be a sugar bowl...
    Will let you know...

  4. I saw a chicken sugar bowl yesterday in my local charity shop (sorry I'm in the UK) & was very very tempted... but my other half would absolutely hate it so I had to resist! :)

  5. Your son has good taste! I like chickens too and am known in various circles as 'The Chicken Lady' because of the doorstops I make! Love the chicken brooch - it's fab!

  6. Yes Ms. Swirlyarts, I know of your "Chicken Lady" reputation!
    A long time ago I recall you suggested I make a chicken brooch on a blog comp. I ran.
    I like some chickens , cute brown bantams are OK. But the others...not so fond of them.
    Alas poor Charlie won't be getting a chook as a pet any time soon.

  7. Great blog, Liz, and that chicken teapot -- what a work of art!
    I came to quite like chickens (the actual beasts) while chook-sitting for my in-laws for 6 months last year. I hated the pooping all over for the first part, but really loved having them and their fresh eggs made from food scraps and a small amount of chook pellets once we fenced them off. The kids had a ball with them, even going so far as to give one a face washer bath on her lap one day. Total crack up!!
    Love your chook brooch. ;o) oh, and I can just imagine the hullaballoo in the op shop when you found the matching sugar bowl!!!! XD


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