Friday, January 8, 2010

The Birds......

After admiring Madeleine Stamer's birdy cluster mobiles at the Three of a Kind show last year I decided one should come and live at my place. It came beautifully packaged, and when the sun shines through my Kitchen window it leaves lovely coloured reflections on the table. The best kind of Christmas present...Just as I was wondering if Etsy was something of a lost cause after months of nothingness, I got two orders for Suzie Sparrow in one day....go figure. One is heading to the U.K. and one has just left for Albuquerque U.S. ( When ever I think of Albuquerque the Partridge Family song always pops into my head.)
Lino sparrow
Ok Etsy, you have been given another chance!


  1. I get so irritated with attempting to use Etsy, I usually just give up. It is not at all intuitive.

  2. However, I'm really glad you made some sales!

  3. I find keeping up with the dollar conversion confusing.
    I have contacted etsy a few times for help (because I didn't read their instructions properly)and they do get back to you.
    Although I'll be old and grey waiting for etsy to make me rich!

  4. Madeleine Stamer makes such gorgeous things. I really must indulge one day. Beautiful.
    Yay on the Etsy sales :)

  5. I think of Bugs Bunny- "should've turned right at Albuquerque"

  6. glad your etsy dry spell is over!

  7. Oh lovely birdies, who can resist those beautiful colour & reflections, divine. Love Posie

  8. I LOVE those birdies! I wants I wants!!

    I get frustrated with Etsy too. I've only had 5 sales. Oh well, better than none :)

    I use an online currency converter for my prices. It's so quick and easy. Just type in the amount you want in Aussie dollars, ask for it to be converted to US dollars and click on convert. It does it for you.

    I'm off to look for those birds! xxx

  9. Yes , the birdies are lovely. I don't think they are for sale online, maybe you'll have to get in contact with Madeleine to see what's available.

    Esty prices are so hard...once you set the right U.S. price , the Aussie dollar changes and you have to manually go and adjust the prices.Mostly I can't be bothered.

    Then working out the's different every time I mail something.
    Oh well, thankfully etsy isn't my only source of income.


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