Monday, January 25, 2010

Yarra River Rainbow

Yarra River Refuse Rainbow
Refuse found near Dights Falls (where the Merri Creek meets the Yarra River).
While Charlie was scrambling over the rocks two people fell in the river. A little boy showing off and a big boy jumping from rock to rock on his BMX!


  1. I love Dights Falls. I wouldn't like to fall in the river there though.

  2. Good God, are they nuts?? Surely that would hurt, falling off on a bike, into a river, with rocks?? Bring back the school year!! Love Posie

  3. Love, love, lovetty love that Yarra River Rainbow!

  4. Boys!

    I love this collage - and at the same time it makes me sad to see the stuff that clogs our rivers and water ways - and the necks and bellies of birds, turles and fish... Why do we humans do this?

  5. I suspect alot of rubbish is washed down the storm water drains. For example- broken tail light plastic from a car bingle!
    That's why I get so cross seeing idiots drop their litter in the street!


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