Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bird Stuff

Bird stuff
In answer to Posie's question from the other day...... "Do you have massive flat shallow drawers filled with organised & sorted themes?? "
Well, no. I just zip around the house a bit like a woman possessed and randomly grab stuff from almost every room. Almost zero thought goes into the layout. If it fits on the paper it's in!
So no Museum drawers at Betty Jo's house unfortunately. I'll bet if I was in charge of the collections at the Museum I'd get sacked for messin' them up.


  1. Oh don't spoil the image i have!! Imagine giant dark wood stained drawers with white bottoms & glass tops, oh, you still get 100% for presentation though. Too cute, love Posie

  2. My mom used to work at the Smithsonian in Washington DC and we'd go into the super secret storage areas. There were literally miles of floor to ceiling museum drawers with all manner of incredibly cool stuff in them. I used to love to go down there and just pull drawers at random. In one there'd be bats and in another ancient Roman coins...

  3. Hey Virginia,
    Your Mum had practically my dream job!
    Although as I said, I'd want to fossick and make stuff from the collections ,so I guess I wouldn't last long in that job!

  4. I'm not sure they would object to you doing that. Places like the Smithsonian are always looking for new ways to display the same old same old.

  5. I'm glad Posie asked the question... I've been wondering! I always love looking at your collages, they're stunning and the eye you have for colour and objects is amazing.


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