Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Colourful and Sustainable

Darabin Creek Refuse Rainbow
Darebin Creek Refuse Rainbow.
I often ask myself why am I taking photos of rubbish? There's so much else I could/should be doing.
But then I think, wait. These rainbow like images mean more than just prettifying up the blog and flickr.
I like to get out and about, preferably in a bit of nature near a bit of water. Each refuse picture reminds me of nice beach strolls or creek rambles I've had with my kids and the dog, or just me.
I don't volunteer on "Clean up Australia Day", but now find myself filling a bag with rubbish on most walks. Admittedly it's colourful rubbish. I leave the broken beer bottles and dead rats .
Then at home I can have a bit of fun with colour and continue to brush up on my photo skills.
And if a little message gets through to some of us about the problem of rubbish in our waterways and beaches, that's good too.
Rubbish Rainbows
1. Elwood Beach Plastic, 2. Beach Plastic 3, 3. Yarra River Refuse Rainbow, 4. Beach Plastic 4, 5. Seaford Beach Plastic, 6. Beach Plastic 2, 7. Darabin Creek Refuse Rainbow, 8. Beach Plastic 1, 9. Rainbow Flotsam & Jetsam
At the moment The Sustainable Living Festival is running in Melbourne.The Festival raises awareness and provides tools for change by showcasing tangible solutions to the ecological and social challenges we face.
One event that has caught my eye is the Green up your Craft Practice presentation hosted by Craft Victoria.
The session looks at a range of steps you can take to reduce your carbon emissions and maintain an environmentally sustainable business. On this Thursday at Craft Victoria.


  1. I love the compositions Liz. They make my heart sing!
    and if it help the message get across a little, what more could you ask? :)
    Keep going I say!

  2. One man's rubbish is another man's rainbow?? I walk with a plastic bag & makes me smile when other's do it too. Clean Up Australia Day is great, i used to do it when i worked in the real world & we'd pull on cover alls (oil industry, but we looked like escaped prisoners) & i had all the blokes in pink gloves with tongs, we did an awesome job, hired a skip & everything. Love Posie

  3. I love your rainbow collages, they are really beautiful and I think share a really strong message about what we do leave behind. You have me on the lookout for colourful rubbish now!
    Sophie x


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