Monday, February 8, 2010

Cat Stuff

Cat Stuff
We are big fans of fluffy felines here at Betty Jo headquarters.
And equally as big fans of op shopping. Today I solved the "No pen to write on the Calender" dilemma, by picking up this superbly hand crafted cat pen holder at Kew oppy!
I have already used it to fill in some exciting dates for March.................My B'day, Pixies at Festival Hall, Canberra long weekend to see "Masterpieces from Paris" at the National Gallery .
Then there's the not so exciting- Hard Rubbish (means lugging our junk to the naturestrip)
Car insurance-yuck, Lily's Immunisation- double yuck!
P.S. The Hard rubbish on my nature strip will be mainly stuff I picked up off other nature strips.
I will never learn!!!!


  1. Love felines.
    Hey does this mean there might be some cool rubbish lurking on the nature strip?
    I've picked up a few goodies from hard rubbish including a fabulous tin trunk.

  2. you may never learn ... but ain't the hard rubbish collection journey fun? LOL

  3. Here kitty kitty! Come over to my place and I'll give you a saucer of milk. xxx

  4. I'm so allergic to cats it's ridiculous! An allergist confirmed it last week and I'll be getting injections soon so I can go to my friends' houses!

    If you have time for a coffee in Canberra, email me! Would be lovely to see you again.

  5. Oh look at all your lovely cat things! And that cute little cat pen holder, you always find the best things Liz. Pop over and play Flea Market Finds with your lovely new cat friend if you would like. It's Puuurfect! (couldn't resist!)
    Sophie x

  6. I am terribly jealous of your new op shop find! Haven't been rummaging for a while, but you have now inspired me to get back to it. Of course I'll let you know how it goes.

  7. I love love love those kitties. Especially that awesome pen holder. I think I am going to try and make one from felt. How fun!

  8. That pen holder is too cute!!
    Your hard rubbish will probably end up as someone elses' treasure, then back onto the hard rubbish pile again and so on... I can't help myself either when those hard rubbish collection s are on. My Alex hates them... wonder why?!!


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