Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Days.....

I woke up today feeling a bit angst ridden. Life is never a bed of roses when kids are in the picture. Why do we feel every emotion they do multiplied by 100?
My computer is home from the doctor, but it's come back a different person.....I mean machine. I've been fiddling around with the font size and reloading all my programs, but I don't like how it's behaving. Even though I had a top of the range security program installed, those insideous viruses managed to sneak in.The computer guy compared internet security programs to taking multi vitamins. They may slow down the lurgies, but can't be relied on to totally stop them.
Sometimes when life gets to me, I have to take a step back and say to myself.....really it's not so bad. I'm pretty lucky
. So far I haven't had to go back to a day job (all though lately I've had to consider it -HORROR!).
Ironically, I did an interview with a journalist at the end of last year (when the business was going great guns) for an article about women who have left their "Proper" job to work full time running their small business. I don't want to be doing exactly the opposite when it's published!Then as I decided to venture into the studio (with the nostalgic theme music from "Happy Days" coming from the TV ) I remembered I'd started to make these earring last night.
That wonderful creative rush came over me, and I remembered why I love what I do.
I must give a nod to twolimeleaves for the buttony inspiration. And I'm loving all the other foxy craft goodies that have been added to the "Crafty Fox" flickr pool. Go and have a look at the foxy cuteness.This is one of my favorite images so far!


  1. I'm loving those press button noses! I saw a squashed fox on the road today, not such a pretty image! x

  2. Gorgeous Foxy earrings. Your creations are wonderful and unique and surely people will start buying again soon. I think the start of the year is always difficult for little businesses because everyone's still recovering from their Christmas and are a little reluctant to spend their money. I hope you can hang in there and don't have to go back to a 'proper' job, I trying to think of other ways to not to go back to mine :)

  3. oh my, you're earrings are so cute...and life, well it sure has it's ups and downs. sounds like life is dealing us both some doozies lately. I've got my sisters troubles shared 100%, my computer in the shop still, all files temporarily lost whilst i work on a new one hoping the old can be revived and sales...well...start of the year is always a killer unless you are Myer or the Goodgus having a stock take sale.
    things can only get better and they will. keep your chin up, march will be fabulous for us all, I can feel it in my bones ( :

  4. I know what it's like running a small craft based business... I am coming up to my 5th year doing it... and this year has been slow to take off. I have decided to teach a couple of classes (painting) just to cover the lull!! Mothers day is coming up... then us crafty people will wonder why we were at all nervous!!
    It does get better!!

  5. I'm coming to this so late now... and I know from more recent posts that you are feeling chirpier... but I wanted to say, Liz, I think you are wonderful. And inspiring. And no, life is never 100% rosy with kids in the mix, especially when you put yourself out there to run a business... But it's all worth it.
    Big hugs and cheers for you.


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