Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pollyanna says....Be Glad!

Did I sound a bit woe is me yesterday? Well it's amazing what 24 hours can do........
Last night I went to the Toff in Town to watch friends and loved ones play music and sipped lemon,lime &bitters on a balmy Melbourne evening. I love the city at night (although like Cinderella, I'm home by twelve these days, not seeing the dawn break like in years past). Now I have an "in house" Baby sitter, so a night out is not too much of a logistical nightmare.
An order came in from a lovely shop in Far North Queensland, which is ironic as the weather feels pretty far North Queensland in Far South Victoria right now.
This morning while out and about operating Mum's taxi service, I drove past a skip overflowing with stuff. The vintage lino caught my eye, so like a good skip scavenger I asked permission before I took it.The ladies who were clearing out their old mum's house saw my button earrings and invited me to fossick round the back in amongst the sewing stuff. Then I hit button bonanza.
And they let me have a few other gems before they were hurled into the skip. (I know this would break a few hearts in Recycling land)So have a gander at some of the things that make me GLAD! (Pollyanna Little Golden book included)
Some of the beautiful Button haul.The fawn lamp that was covered in a layer of grime but actually works (and didn't smash in the skip...miracle).This I rescued for some reason. A fox stole is a bit off my fashion radar, but the eyes were pleading "Save me Save me". Sitting on one of the Big pieces of lino I crammed into my back seat.
"Poor Fox - not so cunning". Michelle from Buttontree Lane who just bought a Lox the Fox brooch will get what I mean.
More things to show another day, but I think these goodies will qualify for Sophie's Flea Market Finds
(After rescuing foxy I now know what the Flea means in Flea Market!)


  1. oh how lucky are the fox.

  2. Love those buttons and oh that dear deer lamp is gorgeous!

  3. good to hear you are sounding brighter Liz, those goodies definitely did the trick.

  4. That. Lamp. Was. Thrown. OUT?!!!!


    I am SO GLAD you saved it - it is beautiful & has found a wonderful new home with you.

  5. i can't believe someone was throwing that fawn out...what's the world coming to.
    How fortunate of you to be passing by and how nice of you to knock and ask, I would have just grabbed from the bin and run ( :

  6. Heavens above - that LAMP - I mean it is too fantastic! I get what you mean about Foxy lokies pleading eyes - perhaps it is their startling colour? Nice that you got to meet the people who were cleaning out the house - they are probably thrilled the stuff is going to someone who will use it.

  7. Wow! What amazing finds, I'm inspired to go searching for skip fulls of loveliness. I always love your fabulous buttons and that lamp! Oh just so cute! Thanks so very much for playing.
    Sophie x

  8. My mum was a great Pollyanna quota - love the buttons

  9. Good things happen to good people ;) Isn't it wonderful you saved these treasures - well done ;)

  10. I cannot believe someone would throw that lamp out!! It's the best lamp I think I've ever seen! And those buttons god! Jackpot.

  11. i'm obsessed with bambi ornaments. love your lamp. nice!


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