Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Lovin' this lino that I was lucky enough to receive from Estelle yesterday. It's in my favorite tone of green. Estelle nicely saved it from going to the tip and it arrived in a big parcel. Muchas gracias!
I have made a few goodies from it already...no time for mucking round when there's new lino to use!Here's one of the other lovely things I rescued in my skip scavenging escapade on the weekend.
An old hat box (great to display my things at markets) with bits and pieces inside, letters,tickets, photos and memories. Could you throw out all your Mum's stuff into a rubbish skip?
I don't know if the memories would be too hard to bear if it were my Mum's things............


  1. I can't believe that someone threw that treasure box in the tip...

  2. Wow. I can't believe someone was throwing that out. That is a priceless treasure. How great that you found it. Someone needs to treasure it properly.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Thanks so much for the beautiful brooch - I have been swanking around in it all day!


  4. Oh my goodness, look at all that beautiful ephemera, I'm in love, if I had found that I think I would have cried with joy. Just amazing, it makes me so sad to think about what people throw away.
    Sophie x

  5. you've been finding some great things recently ... and you are so right. people throw away the darndest things ... including memories. i could never do that.

  6. Oh oh oh, just like my babushka!! My father still has his 1st birthday & christening cards, they are something to keep, from 1932!! Love Posie

  7. Oooooh that hat box is great - looks there are lots of goodies in it too :)

  8. What a wonderful find, but it is also sad that someone would throw it away. Gorgeous though!


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