Monday, February 1, 2010

A Pinch and a Punch!

As I said on Facebook the other day....."January (the muckin' around in the studio month) is over. February = gettin' down to bizness time!!!!"
Boy and girl at school - check.
Studio tidy- well it was two weeks ago, now not so much, but better than it has been!
Market preparations underway - check.
Giving sparrow necklace a test run- check.
So all systems go !
And because I'm sounding so organised I'll show you a nice gift I got from Curly Pops the other day. I mentioned I liked this sunnies case on her blog and happily it is now mine. So no more scratches on my sunnies. Because I'm OR-GAN -ISED!


  1. Yah for scratchless blowfly sunnies and funky vintage tablecloths!

  2. Oh, can't get past Mr Potato Head on your key ring!! I have a Babushka Doll, so pretty. For me - 4 children in school tomorrow: check, clean studio: semi check. Love February!! Love Posie

  3. You say business time, all I can think is Flight of the Conchords...

  4. The Conchords song was stuck in my brain when i wrote it...but I mean workin' type bizness, not their version!


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