Friday, February 26, 2010

Think Big!

Betty Jo has just joined the new online marketplace "cosa verde".
Cosa verda connects independent and emerging artists with environmentally-conscious consumers.
It showcases independent artists and craftspeople from around the world, providing customers with one destination to find top-quality handmade, environmentally-friendly goods. You can browse cosa verde by product category, or filter goods by a selection of ideals like "repurposed" or " conflict free"(items made with material obtained from sources that do not support violence or human rights abuses). I like the philosophy behind this enterprise- "think big, shop small".
Go and check it out.
It's been a busy week at Betty Jo headquarters. I even had to write myself a list, which I rarely ever do. I know some people religiously write lists, but I usually just rely on scribbled notes on the calender, or my memory. I think a BIG list is a bit daunting and it made me tired just looking at it.
When I can cross off Charlies 7th Birthday Party tomorrow, I'll heave a rather large sigh of relief. I can't believe this little guy is now seven.


  1. Hope Charlie has a very lovely birthday tomorrow!

  2. I hope he has a happy birthday too, and we missed you Thursday. I'm totally with you with lists ... I spend my working life staying on top of them and I don't want spend my time running after stuff on a list! Have a great weekend.

  3. Happy Birthday Charles!! Wow wee, they zoom through childhood. My boy is 6, my baby, which makes me feel like is days are extra precious. Year 1 is such a big deal, even if it is the 4th child go cruise through it. Ah, yes, lists, i do mental lists but when i'm up for interuptions from the family (like in school holidays) i write lists or entire play dates can not happen. You get so used to being home alone in your studio. Have a lovely weekend, love Posie

  4. oh Yay, It was my Finn's B'day on the 27th. A big number 2. Hooray for our little Pisces babies. and bring on March ...... ( :

  5. Seven is such a fun age! Happy (very belated) birthday to your little guy.


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