Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello March!

Phew, by today's end I can cross February of my list. Goodbye February, you've been a challenging month.
Looking forward to favorite month of the year (and not just because I'm a Pisces and love Autumn).
We've got lots planned at Betty Jo headquarters (including a face lift for our 87 year old house), a trip for me, and lots of new Betty Jo goodies to emerge from my studio.
March is going to be a good month...I can feel it in my bones.
What are your plans for Autumn?(or Spring over the equator)
Apple Tree orchard
This little Apple Tree orchard is heading up to a shop in Woodend.
A place where I'm sure these trees will feel right at home!

I think these brooches will like it there too.


  1. a trip ... that sounds interesting. PS i like march too ... the worst of the really hot weather is gone and lots of pleasant days to enjoy.

  2. i like those tree necklaces a whole bunch! so adorable. soo adorable =]

  3. Hi there,

    came to you via a blog, via a blog! I too feel like February and the cold needs to go and fresh starts and warm weather should be coming. I hope March is good too.

    I'm going over to your shop. I like to use recycled, vintage and found items in my work too!


  4. love your little orchard and what a happy find this is! love the clocks too - i saw a lovely wee shop in Tambourine that just sold traditonal ones but i think i prefer your more unique version!

  5. March is my fave month too - am also a Pisces and love Autumn - yummy crisp mornings especially! Hope the renos go well, the trip is enlightening and you are inspired to keep the good things coming! I am completely focused on attending an Art Retreat in the Dandenongs this month that I can't seem to do anything much! Maybe I should just write March off?!


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