Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winners Circle

A lovely customer requested some Betty Jo earrings at the market on the weekend. I whipped these up with this very cool lino donated by Melanie (Body Parts) and delivered by Michelle (Kids with Crayons). Thanks Melanie and Michelle if you are reading!
If the girl who requested the earrings is also reading , drop me line!Look at the cool circle design on the lino. Hmmm, circles.
Wasn't "Seeing Circles" the theme for this months creative challenge over at Finki? And didn't I leave a comment saying "Circles=Buttons....too easy!"
Well I guess this is my challenge completed.
It's also time to announce the winner of the Paper Dolly brooch giveaway. Hooray for Estelle from "Curbside Style". I think the name of Estelle's blog sums up my life in two words. Brilliant!
I've decided to give away a second brooch to Sal at Singlets and Bloomers because I thought her poem was very sweet.
"Betty Jo made some paper dolls
And gave them away for free
They arrived at their homes
Chilled to the bones
But were warmed up with scones and tea"

Drop me a line with your deets, and I'll ship your brooches out quick smart.


  1. fantastic earrings ... and you definitely meet the Finki theme for this months; circles on circles!

  2. Wow, that Lino looks great in smaller doses, clever work, love Posie

  3. Earrings are gorgeous Liz. Congrats to the comp winners too.

  4. Hooray for me, damn if I'm not one lucky duck! I'm pleased as punch you like the name of my blog (it was a bit of a no brainer). I've shot you off an email with my details.
    Big thank you's


  5. Great earrings Liz - I think that I need a pair and shall be in touch! Love them.

  6. Yey for me also :) Thanks so much Liz - looking forward to swanking around in my new accessory. I shall be very much the envy of all my crafty friends.

    xo Sal

  7. hi Liz, I've been meaning to say Hi and thanks for the link for about a month now! I can't believe how quickly you used the lino, whenever I get something new I tend to 'save' it for good. Natural-born horder I guess.


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