Monday, February 15, 2010

Eye Spy....

A couple of lovely accessories I picked up at the Reservoir oppy this morning. The shoes were made in Chippendale (Sydney) and are a great fit (miracle). The bag's label is "Scene Stealer",(which is in itself enough to get me to buy it) also made by a Sydney company.
I think they will be another addition to Sophie's Flea Market Finds weekly show and tell!
The postie delivered two things to read today, and I partook in a bit of eye spy (or Where's Wally/Betty)

The first was a back issue of the local paper from around Noosa in QLD.
My girlfriend who lives up there spotted some Betty Jo goodies in the pages from my stockist in Peregian Beach- Soul Sanctuary.The second was the new issue of Frankie to peruse and where I happened to spy a Betty Jo Owl in the Moose ad.
Actually, I don't think Moose has had an owl in stock for a while now, but anyhoo, there are still other Betty Jo Designs to buy, as well as hundreds of gorgeous items from cool Aussie designers.


  1. Oh fab finds Liz, I have found some of my favourite handbags in op shops. Yours is just lovely, as are those shoes! Thanks so much for playing along this week! Yay for your recent features too!
    Sophie x

  2. ohhh, nice!
    i got a bag from a reservoir oppie this morning too :)
    great features, nice one!

  3. Fantastic shoes ... I love them. Great finds.

  4. Great finds! I love that photo too. It's magazine quality.


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