Friday, March 5, 2010

Autumn Showers

Last night I went along to the Northern Craft Bonanza at Chair 14 and was lucky enough to be showered with some lovely Betty Jo style gifts.

Cute and cool swappies from Anna (who has alerted me in the past about retro lino to salvage) and these beautiful pieces of lino from Angela.

So Autumny and happy. Thanks heaps!
Welcome Autumn Owl
As there was a slight hiccup in the scheduling of our crafty meet up due to the wrong date in this article in the Northcote Leader, we all met last night, but will also be meeting next Thursday too. So come along , even if you don't live in the northern suburbs. Everyone is welcome. Boys too!!!!In the pic: me, Cam aka Curly Pops, Jay aka Finki, and Cathie aka Melbourne Epicure!
Now bring on those Autum showers........oooh here they come now!


  1. What beautiful lino!
    Cathy and MsL didn't get the Leader either so would you be able to raid another recycling bin?

  2. Loving those red and yellow roses, so vibrant!

  3. Yes it's stunning Lino.
    Hey Cam, I've got three copies!


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