Thursday, March 4, 2010

Basket Case

A couple of items for " Flea Market Finds " over at Her Library Adventures this week.
This guy was in the "Free, Please Take " basket out the front of a Chapel St. Opshop quite a few years ago. I'm well known for rescuing orphans of the softie variety ( a big basket of old Teddy Bears lives in my garage, cause I couldn't leave them behind at opshops).
He is sitting on my new purchase from The Salvos. A very lovely , versatile and functional storage basket. probably circa 1940's, but I'm not certain.Maybe the teddies might get to come inside and live in this.


  1. Oh that is me too Liz!
    Have you read that kids book- Dougal the garbage dump bear?
    All the tip toys go and live at a beach house together! Love it :D

  2. Hi Zofia,
    Check out this post from 2008!
    We heart Dougal!!!!!

  3. ooooh lovin the casket nice find, I also feel compelled to collect orphans from op shops. I will send you a foto of a gorgeous stuffed airdale dog I resues from an op shop in Tassie. You will have to wait because its at my house in Tassie and I wont be there till Easter. I feel that you probably will truly appreciate my rescue now called Scupper. Your mouse is very cute!

  4. Love that storage basket! How could anyone put the little fellow in the free, please take basket? he's so sweet!

  5. so glad you rescued him, he is adorable. Your new clock is FABULOUS

  6. Zofia I love that book!

    I adore that wee mouse - his red overalls are rather spiffing.

  7. he's a cutie! That basket was a great find. I so need a basket, or two, like that for my entrance. We collect orphan shoes here... not nearly as cute as teddies.

  8. Yep, I bet they would all like to come and live in that gorgeous basket with the adorable bunny.

  9. He is gorgeous! Can't believe he was a freebie!


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