Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Floral Wreath

The beautiful lino from Angela was calling out to be transformed into some floral corsages.
Floral Wreath
These brooches will be perfect for cheering up a coat or cardi when we are in the depths of winter, or great to keep that spring vibe going if you live north of the equator.
(if your a vintage loving prom Queen, retro Lino corsages might be just the thing)

Speaking of Florals, there's a girl at our place yearning for a pair of these vintage floral babies.....so basically now we wait for the goddess of secondhand delights to deliver some?

The Lino Corsages are now available from Etsy!!


  1. available on etsy hey? Not for long!

  2. Can you please bring some orange/yellow ones Thursday night so I can buy one!

  3. That is divine Liz, love it, love Posie


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