Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Handmade Band

Story from Australia Today magazine. I'm looking a bit bossy, like a high school teacher who is FED UP !
Because that's basically what I was. But I'm not fed up any's pretty good these days. I get to make pretty things all week, and never have to hear "Wasn't me Miss" ever again.
If we meet I promise I'll be smiley and non teacherish (sorry, I wasn't a literacy teacher!)


  1. Not school marmish at all!
    I think my daughter thinks I am however ;)

  2. You look great, you know your stuff, why stand any other way. I've had to do photoshoots throwing products in the air?? That's distracting while you try to strike a pose while getting donked on the head!! Love Posie

  3. hehee..a bit grumpy there Liz :)
    good to hear that things are better.
    may see you tonight

  4. You wouldn't believe it but I went to visit my mum today in Beeac, and she tells me about this magazine that her cousin from Noorat sent her in the post (she owns the Noorat Post Office) because it had a story about goats and chooks in it (mum has goats and chooks at her new cottage). I read the goat and chook story and then flicked through... and guess what I found!
    Who woulda thunk it??? It's the exact same one!
    Gee that was a very long convoluted comment.


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