Friday, March 26, 2010

Culture Blast!

Later today I'm off to the A.C.T.for a long weekend and, according to Canberra's new promotional campaign I'm preparing myself for "A Cultural Blast !"
I'm mainly going to see the "Masterpieces from Paris" at the National Gallery, but will most definitely be in "cultural sponge" mode.
I'm putting the call out for somewhere to get a good coffee, cool shopping and good, but not too fancy restaurants.
I'm definately checking out the Handmade market, and visiting an old Betty Jo stockist The Hive.

As I was clicking around scouting for some Canberra info I found the Canberra's Got Style blog, and a little pic. of some Betty Jo goodies at Hive.
Then I remembered this gorgeous Canberra crafter Posie Patchwork owns the very babushka in the picture.
I'll be on the look out for her and her babushka at the Handmade market.
Just another "It's a Small World" moment I reckon! See you next week.

*Don't forget to pop over to Find, Make Do to enter the Sisteroutlaws giveaway.
While your there, check out the new post "Off the Wall" full of gorgeous wallpaper goodies!


  1. Hi there, my name is Rachel my lovely friend Jennie from Posie told me your coming down, as a massive fan of your work, I'm hoping you will pop by and say hello!! I will be at the Handmade Market on the Shop Handmade stall, ready, willing and able to answer any questions you may have on our exciting new venture.
    Enjoy the Masterpieces!!
    Cheers Rachel

  2. Gosh i get around don't i?? You know i first discovered you through a customer of mine who had about 4 of your brooches from markets around Melbourne. This country is NOT that big is it?? See you Sunday, have a Cultural Blast indeed. I'm going to Musse O'dorsay (not correct spelling) in the week, between Easter Egg decorating at school & pick up. Lisa who runs Canberra's Got Style is the interior designer doing up Shop Handmade. So you've covered all your bases with your Canberra love!! Happy travels, love Posie

  3. Canberra only huh? I thought this was coming to Melb.
    Will have to trek up with the kids one day to catch one of their blockbusters...

  4. Ha ha ha ha! What a thrill and a happy accident it was today running into you! When I said I wasn't around on the weekend, I didn't realise you would still be here on Monday! So cool. When I got back to work, Tash said she loved our happy squeals when we saw each other.

    Thanks for making my day ;-) Hope you had a safe trip home!

  5. Home safely!
    Hey Michelle, I have so many "Small World" moments in my life that I'm really not surprised I randomly ran into you yesterday.
    Pretty cool accident though!


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