Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Made it Myself

I finally got a clipping of the Age A2 column from last Saturday. Thanks Age! (p.s. The How Much should read $100+)Right now there's a new feature over at Find, Make, Do. Lovely snuggly goodies from Body Parts, all created from recycled felted jumpers. It's a wonder there are any jumpers left in op shops these days.
I love my Body Parts scarf and tubeway armies! I'll be taking them with me to Dayelsford on the weekend just in case the weather changes it's mind and turns wintery.
The Makers Market is on this Saturday , and you'll see Body Parts for sale along with heaps of gorgeous goodies. I'm leaving the Re*Sew*Cool giveaway open till Friday. Pop over to Find, Make, Do and leave a comment if you want to win a cute and crafty kit from Sisteroutlaws. I started on my donkey bagtag at the Northern Craft Bonanza last week. Thanks to Susan for the pic.


  1. Hello, I saw your clocks in The Age and I would like to see more of your designs. I see that Craft Victoria is closed over the Easter Break, so where can a girl from Geelong find your wares otherwise? We're heading to Melbourne for Easter Saturday. Do you have a studio?

    I also have a pair of tubeway armies, which I lived in all last winter, and bought from Flying Fishes in Lorne. JC

  2. I saw the feature in The Age and I can get an extra clipping if you'd like, when I saw your lovely wares I excitedly jumped up and down. Your clocks are the best! It must be the German heritage in me. x o x ms

  3. Congrats on the Age write up. Brilliant. Hope you have a great weekend. The weather is certainly getting cooler so you probably will need your winter warmers. Lou.

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Limited clocks in shops at the moment, but email me and i'll let you know what is available.
    Thanks heaps Maddy and


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