Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It was a Blast!

Canberra certainly served up a blast of culture!
Galleries, museums, markets, cruises, shopping, dining.

My highlights- The Portrait Gallery (and Howard Arkley's "Nick Cave")
Revisiting Blue Poles at the National Gallery. And the Sculpture Garden.
Seeing Bob Hawkes perfectly preserved office in Old Parliment House ( with retro accoutrements)
Catching up with Jennie at the Handmade Market, and randomly bumping into Michelle in Civic.
Oh, and I suppopse I should add the Paris Masterpieces exhibition. We queued for 1.5 hours, and it was kinda chocka, but brilliant to see the work in real life (after studying Art history for 6 years and only seeing most of the paintings as slides).
Canberra is an amazingly friendly place. And if you want to buy Betty Jo designs while your there, The Hive Gallery in Braddon now has new pieces in stock!


  1. Oh, we're very friendly here in Canberra!

    We really have to keep randomly bumping into each other, just to keep the element of surprise there when we are in each others' towns!

  2. i didn't know you were going to Canberra ... i'm glad you had a great time.


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