Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a Sign!

Last night I recieved a message from Chrisy (Artdecadence),
"Honey you just have to purchase this!"....... With a link to an ebay store.
So me and Mr BJ (who is actually a Barry, really, no joshing ) are watching this on ebay, and I am contemplating how much I really want this sign. Alot . I want this sign alot!
Coincidentally just that afternoon I was having a bit of a flickr faving session and these shots caught my eye. 1.Los Angeles,Linoleum City 2.Linoleum City
3.Freeport Rug & Linoleum Co. 4.Bannon Floor Coverings
You can't go past vintage signage for getting you all nostalgic about the the olden days.
According to Charlie, I grew up in the olden days...........pass me my Horlicks would you.This very weathered sign is mine and has been hanging around my backyard for years.
I found it in the laneway behind my house propping up the back fence. The fence fell down one windy night, so now the old sign/fence propper upper is on display....and this was way before I even started using lino.

P.S. Don't forget the GIVEAWAY over at Find, Make, Do. Super cute DIY kits for kids and kids at heart!


  1. That ebay item has to be yours!

    And I can't believe the appropriateness of that old bit of sign you found propping up your fence. Crazy.

  2. Love old signs... we have a few left in NYC. I try to visit them frequently so they don't get lonely in their dotage.

  3. Those signs are awesome - and I do hope you win the Barry sign - meant to be yours! (my Dad's name was Barry... I like hearing that name)


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