Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lino Dreams......

I received this message from a lovely facebook friend the other day... "May all your lino dreams come true".
I don't actually recall ever having a dream about Lino. But I do daydream about it. Thinking about new designs, wondering if I'll come across some old lino to recycle and refashion.
I believe in putting these thoughts out there.....more often than not I am rewarded with a great lino find or a donation from a friend or stranger.

If I DID dream of Lino, this is maybe what it would be about..........

Finding enough pretty lino in an old farmhouse to make this patchwork.
Or pulling up an old carpet and discovering this Deco lino rug.

Finding sheets and sheets of this pattern would be nice, and owning anything created by Rosalie Gascoigne, because she is my Australian Art idol!!!!
(click on pics for links).
By the way, if there is a hard rubbish collection or a renovation happening near you, have a quick glance to see if you can spy some vintage lino (not ikky vinyl).You know where to find me!

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  1. Patchwork is my middle name of course!! Hope your lino dreams/ future/ refashioning continues forever. Love Posie

  2. believe me Betty Jo, if I spy a skerrick of lovely lino it's going to your hands.

  3. Honey you just have to purchase this!


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