Monday, April 19, 2010

The Big Bad Wolf

Well, not exactly big, and not exactly bad looking either.

This wolf cub has been named Wolfgang, and he will soon have some brothers and sisters.
I couldn't depart from the cute design and make him more growly and fangy. It just didn't happen.
So I guess he won't be eating up my Miss Red Riding Hood brooch any time soon.
I found my old book of Little Red Riding Hood and noted that it had the unforgiving finale.

The summary at the beginning of this copy states " Not only is grandmother eaten up in this Perrault version, but so is little Red Riding Hood".I guess it's to give the reader due warning if they have a sensitive child.
It's gruesome, but way more believable I reckon!


  1. Adorable, perfect design to go with your Posie Red Riding Hood purse!! Love her, she's sooo sweet & yes, a sweet looking wolf indeedy. Love Posie

  2. I'm pretty sure thats the version I read when I was a kid too...

  3. Wow that's pretty amazing!! Something in the air!!
    And you know its even weirder cos I just added to my wish list one of your fox brooches at GeorgieLove!!
    Love the illustrations from the book too!!

  4. you are right
    i think wolfgang would not eat a fly


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