Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's the Wooluf

Little Red Riding hood themed goodies have been catching my eye lately.Here are some I've recently acquired.A cute zippered pouch from Posie Patchwork and lovely stickers from The Hive.An amazing red cape that the lovely Nikki from "The Encouragement Award"swapped with me for a Cuckoo Clock .

Here are some other favorites from talented designers whose work I love.
Made With love by Hannah's Fairy Tale Forest skirts and Made by White's Red Riding 2 part brooch.
Ironically both these original designs have been ripped off lately by larger chain stores. I won't go on about how shitty this blatant copying is , as I'm sure you all agree. You can check out both the stories here and here.
There are definitely Big Bad Wolves out there in this world, and we, the Red Riding hoods of the indie Craft scene, must beware!
I'm not going to let these incidents put me off. Look out for some woolfie Betty Jo brooches next post!


  1. And I'm making bags with some Red Riding Hood fabric today! It's a Red Riding Hood kinda day.

    That suck about the copiers. I knew about the Made by White issue, but the Made with love by Hannah skirts are a new one. I'm seething on her behalf.

  2. I read about the rip offs of both designers. Interestingly, the author Neil Gaiman publicized them on his twitter feed.

    And that is why I am now boycotting a couple of big retailers.

    Anyway, cute stuff! Very nice.

  3. Me too, me too... I just got the most gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood stamp set! Love it!

    Christine xo

  4. P.S. Have you seen a movie called "Hoodwinked"? It's a kids movie kind of based around the Little Red Riding Hood story and is very very funny.


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