Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bunny History!

A pictorial history of Betty Jo bunnies over the years.
Bunny History
Hope the good Bunny finds you this Easter!

Over at Find, Make Do, there's a new feature on Little Golden Books.
And the lovely Megan from The Byron Life has provided one of her cool journals as a GIVEAWAY! Go and have a looksie.
Speaking of giveaways, I'm happy to announce that the lovely girls at Sisteroutlaws have decided to provide not two, but twelve kits to give away! So congrats to the winners. I'll contact you after Easter so we can get you your Re*Sew* Cool kits!


  1. They just get cuter & lovelier, love Posie

  2. is that a lovely Sylvac ceramic bunny I spy hiding in amongst all those gorgeous Betty Joe lovely bunnies?


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