Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lucky Save!

Tracey from has written a sad, but uplifting story on her blog about her lucky encounter with her great Nana's old derelict house and how she was able to save some of the precious items before they will be all lost under a pile of rubble when the bulldozer razes it.
Here are some photos of the pretty lino floors...... I hope some kind soul will see it's potential and salvage it.
I can only imagine how much vintage linoleum ends up at the tip these days.
Thanks to Tracey for sharing this story and these images.

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  1. It's hard rubbish here in the hills again, have been on lino watch. So far, zip. Lots of sad looking outdoor furniture though.

  2. How lovely is that blue and white check with the floral bits! It almost looks like wrapping paper.
    I can imagine the man of that house saying "you pick WHATEVER you like darling" and old great Nan going to town on the prettiest bit's she could find. I hope it finds a new home.

  3. Hello :) I love that my sweet nana's house is being splashed over the web hehe

    It kinda makes me feel happy even if noone comes to take the lino that it will live on through these photos.

    Your just lovely for putting them up!



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