Monday, April 12, 2010


Betty jo Goodies
Goodies bound for Counter at Craft Victoria.Oh yeh, it's Mothers Day in less than 4 weeks.........just saying.
While your there looking for the perfect gift, check out the lovely enCounter window exhibition by Mainichi.
Finally, a creative repurposing of the fish soy sauce containers that irk me so much.On display till the 2nd May.

To clarify, I love soy sauce, but now when I have Nori rolls for lunch, I refuse the fish soy sauces. When I was beach combing at Elwood for my Beach Litter Collections, I must have seen over 50 washed up on the sand. As ubiquitous as the red coke bottle lid!


  1. nasty little fishes......
    To be honest, Iv'e never thought about them in terms of their environmental impact. They really are the perfect size to just float out to sea and end up in some poor fishes belly. Considering how Australians have taken to eating vast amounts of sushi, I can only imagine they would be having a serious ecological impact.
    the only other time I have seen them re-purposed was in the Cate Blanchete film Little Fish.....

  2. Hey Betty Jo! Thanks for the mention. I saw your post on the fish at Elwood Beach....and I must say I was tempted to do some beachcombing afterwards! D :)


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