Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Goodies

In between operating Mum's Taxi service, this Sunday I'm madly writing a proposal or a "Business Feasibility Study"as it is called .
It feels like I'm writing a thesis. I hope this doesn't work to my detriment and it won't come across as wordy gobbledy gook. As you may be able to tell, I don't often write submissions. Please wish me and my "thesis" luck .

New clocks are on the way. Here is a Cuckoo Clock soon to be available at Craft Victoria.Brunette Riding Hood and Grey Wolfie
Little Red Riding Hood now has a brunette sister. And a new grey wolfie friend.
And at last a Flea Market Find for Sophie's regular Sunday show and tell.

It's a vintage Juniour Handicraft Outfit. Pretty much unused except for wee bit of embroidery.

Looking forward to stringing up that loom for a spot of weaving!


  1. What a great find!! A loom...who woulda thought yuo'd find one of those :)

  2. Everything is simply adorable. Those clocks are tremendous!! Happy writing that study, are you finding that the children are going to have to go?? I often say "gee these children get in the way of being a stay at home mother" in the nicest sense of course!! Love Posie

  3. wow it's rare to find something like that intact!
    your artworks are fabulous..good luck with your thesis! x

  4. That looks like a rare find!
    Love your repurposed lino!!!

  5. WOW that is a top score. So gorgeous too.
    And I also love your little red riding hood and wolf. I'm a huge fan of your work .Good luck with the thesis too

  6. I can't believe this! I had one exactly the same as a kid. I had forgotten it until I saw your pics. Great find. xxNick

  7. huh......
    so jealous what a find in the weaving set!!!!!
    you must put up what you get done!!!!!


    if you have time!!!!!

  8. a fabulous find there betty jo!!!

    :) oh, any takers for great-nana's lino flooring?

  9. Good luck with the thesis... sounds like way too much brain strain!

  10. Good luck with the writing Miss Liz,
    I LOVE wolfie...

  11. Oh how great is that kit?! I found a "leathercraft" one at the oppy a while back, again mostly unused... I wish I could find more!

  12. Lovely find! I love the box cover picture - gorgeous! Have fun weaving!

  13. Hooley dooley - what a find! Just love the look of that craft set - I wonder if it was once someones birthday pressie? Maybe the recipient was a tomboy too busy climbing trees to embroider or weave!


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