Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tea Time

How many times in the day do you think, "Ah, it's tea time".
My M.I.L. can be absolutely mortified if one refuses an offer of a cup of tea. She can't believe people don't feel like it's tea time every minute of the day! So from now on I'll just point to this clock and say, "I'm right for a cuppa this time.......but I wont say no to a homemade biccie!"
Tea Time
The lovely deep green lino of the saucer comes from a fantastic Sydney artist Jane Gillings.
I was lucky enough to score a whole bunch of lino from Jane a few years ago, and I am still using it !
I have featured Jane and her amazing sculpture and assemblages on Find, Make Do today.
All Jane's work is created from salvaged discarded plastic. I would call her the ultimate "Bower bird".


  1. I do love a nice cuppa and a sit down (maybe just because I want to sit down!). I still can't do the stinking hot day cuppas. My English MIL says they help cool her down - really don't get that one. Love the clock. Lou.

  2. Just the right time I would say...
    would never pass up a chocolate biccie...

  3. Ahhhh cup of tea time! Love IT!! : )


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