Sunday, June 20, 2010

New News! (as opposed to Old News)

The cute Peter Alexander hottie covers from last post seem to be all sold out. I'm not surprised.
A facebook friend who spied the thumbnail pic. thought they were brooches I'd made and this gave me an idea.
So I zipped into the studio and made an Owl Hottie brooch . It won't replace the real toasty thing, but maybe your cardi would like one! Thanks for the idea Peter A and Anna B.
The Snow Globe GIVEAWAY is still running. There have been some cute suggestions for critters to live in the winners globe. A grumpy wombat, a cute squirrel, a grey puss. You still have plenty of time to enter, so leave a comment, or even a poem like Sarah's.....
"Look at me, I've learnt to ski,
Past the bunny and round the tree.
Flying fast, sudden stumble,
Lose your balance and down you tumble! "
Here's a birdy Snow globe brooch. Birdy is sitting in silvery laminexy snow flakes!
And in other news, last week I was having a fossick at a favorite opshop and saw this lovely old box. When I asked to have a closer look , this is what I found inside. Some resourceful person had made little cardboard compartments for all these lovely buttons. It was so meant for me I almost did a little dance. (I was dancing on the inside though!)
As I was just about to leave with my lovely treasure, a massive storm rolled in stranding me in the opshop for another twenty minutes. The op-shop lady handed around sweets and I spent at least another $10. Can't think of a better outcome.
Box O' Buttons
P.S. I just remembered flea market finds over at Her Library Adventures. I reckon this Box o' Buttons fits the bill this week.


  1. I love that blue and turquoise check button! Cintia over at My Poppet did a great hot water bottle tutorial on her blog a couple of weeks ago using felted jumpers. I bet the cover you make yourself would eclipse anything you could buy.

  2. Liz, Your hottie is so cute !!! A great idea !

  3. Total score on the buttons, how lovely & yes, made for you to find!! Must check out those hot water bottle covers, we have a skull & crossbones from a trip to PA in MLB 4 years ago!! I saw the Babushkas last season, clearly i'm a fan, i can warm up my Betty Jo Babushka with a hot water bottle now, brrrr, Canberra, 'tis the season to be chilly. Love Posie

  4. Oh..... buttons! Buttons, lollies & extra opping time... perfect!

  5. Loving the box o'buttons :) Oh Happy days!

  6. What a great find! Your birdie snow globe brooch is gorgeous.

  7. Love your buttons, wow what a find.

  8. Oh - I have a vintage button business, and I just love that idea! Lucky you!

  9. i am feeling very jealous over that box of buttons, what a great find!

  10. Oh, extremely jealous of the buttons. I am in desperate need of some.

    Great find!

  11. I wok up this morning thinking of buttons, (I know I am a sad crafter case!) logged on and saw these. You lucky duck! The gods must be telling me to find some buttons!

  12. it must have been a button weekend ... yours is the second i've come across this weekend. great find liz.
    My Flea Market Find

  13. Love that box! Don't you just hate it when op shops write on cool old packaging though.

  14. Oh my - I think I would have dies and gone to button heaven if I'd come across those beauties!


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