Monday, June 7, 2010

Recycling, Reclaiming, Reusing

Some Recycled and Reclaimed goodies are waiting to be put to creative Re-use today.

Gorgeous Vintage lino donated by Anna ( a champion of the curbside salvage). Now just itching to be Betty Joified!

Cute thrifted ceramic baking dish......might be good for this wintery vegy dish (yes I know, daggy, but yummy).

Delicious Japanese fabric found at my favorite oppy. Although I'm not a fabricaholic like some people I know, this cool pattern was calling my name from the big basket of material. It's asking to be transformed into cushions maybe, or an apron or..........ideas anyone?

"Rev Bot" made by Charlie and I on the weekend with our new set of "Makedo" connectors.
I love these as you can re-use them over and over again and the days of floppy, wobbly box construction patched together with masking tape and clag are well and truly over.
Robot is now famous. Check it out on the Makedo blog renamed "Frilly Lilly"!


  1. oh, that lino is gorgeous!
    Great opping, and
    Rev-Bot is cool!
    Must get some of those Makedos,they are great!

  2. Love it all, you have great taste.
    The Robot is a winner too.

  3. I am soooooo VERY jealous of your ceramic baking dish!! I love it. I'm lovin' the orange tiles on your wall too - they're fab. Lucy :-


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