Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's been going ON!

Lots actually!
Learning, learning, learning about all things related to running a Micro Business. My classes have been all day, everyday last week and include muchos homework......moan! (actually I'm really enjoying them). This will no doubt cause some interruption to regular blog programming, and poor old Find, Make, Do will also be running on an "off peak" timetable.

I did get around to finishing off some more clocks.
On Thursday I turned up to Northern Craft Bonanza with NOTHING to craft, but I left with a scarf on the go (thanks to a loan of needles from Susan and a gift of wool from Cam). Lets aim for a scarf for next Winter shall we!Planning has started for the big move out of my extremely poky home studio into The Pea Green Boat artists Studio in Brunswick. I felt it was time to spread my wings so stay tuned for updates.
Toying around with some brooches for this exhibition. If you're a brooch making dynamo (and I know a lot of you are) this will be a good opportunity to get some brooches "out there" and maybe make a sale or two. Thanks to Tinniegirl for the heads up on this!


  1. Sounds like a very productive time Liz.
    New studio digs - how exciting.

  2. A new studio!!!
    Well that just huge news...
    So glad for you...

  3. New studio? How wonderful! You won't know yourself!

    Your course sounds very exciting. Not too sure I like the idea of homework though ;-)

  4. wow, sounds exciting!
    enjoy your new work life.

  5. the new studio sounds very exciting, look forward to seeing developments

  6. Funny how the word 'studio' is like how i felt about the word 'toy shop' or 'newsagent' when i was 10. Excited, and jumping on the inside.. look forward to hearing more!


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